“Sacred Sound and Cosmic Cacao Ceremony”

-April 25th, 2019

  • 6.30 - 9.30pm

  • Star House Boulder

Cacao, Sacred Sound and Brie's Magic Touch! - What a powerful constellation.
Join us at the most magical Star House to celebrate Life and utilize the gentle yet unstoppable forces of SPRING! An excellent time to strip off and release the winter rigidity - leave behind the crusty (last year's) snow or simply let it melt! We are ready for the SUN! Energy, Life force - unfaltering guide to and from the HEART!
Re-lease. Re-connect. Re-design. Re-invent YOURSELF!
Set yourself FREE!

Bridget and Bjorn create and hold unconditional, safe and magical space.
While Bjorn is taking you on a profound sound journey through your inner landscapes, Bridget uses her voice and intuitive healing touch in order to release stuck patterns and believes. The cacao serves as a heart opening agent so we can receive profound guidance and reconnect with our inner wisdom.
People typically come out of this event experiencing profound connection, clarity, direction and peace.

“Melting into Mindfulness”

-March 2nd, 2019

  • 2 - 5pm

  • at the Yoga Loft, Boulder

‘Love notes for the body, mind and soul’

During this workshop we will explore our mind, body and soul through different meditative practices and gentle asanas (poses).

Guided Meditation: Creating safe space, connecting bodies to earth, setting intention, pranayama (breath work).

Gentle Asanas: Moving mindfully through various floor asanas, and standing asanas, opening and warming the muscles and joints.

Yin Yoga: 90 minutes of pure bliss! Relaxing into supported postures for 3-5 minutes, diving deeper into the body’s connective tissue, releasing toxins, and bringing new spaces into the body.

Throughout our practice, we will enjoy the healing and relaxing frequencies of crystal bowls, gong, guitar and more played live by Bjorn.


“Acupuncture and Sacred Sound Activation”

-March 9th, 2019

  • 7 - 9pm

  • at Alchemy of Movement, Boulder

Come join us in this creative collaboration of sound, energy healing, and esoteric Chinese acupuncture to open the blockages of our heart energy and expand into higher levels consciousness.

We will create a potent sacred group space to amplify our individual intentions for healing and expansion.

While Sound Wizzard Bjorn plays various instruments, including crystal bowls, chimes and the unique and powerful Symphonic gong, you will experience hands on healing by Vortex Healing certified Energy virtuosa Bridget - while you receive transformational acupuncture from Jason.

We will finish our journey with some group connection and sharing.

Esoteric acupuncture is a very unique approach focusing on our energetic body using sacred geometry patterns to open us up to higher energies of consciousness. Jason has been practicing in boulder for 16 years and focuses on transforming our blockages to assist people in awakening and healing deeper chronic conditions.

This event is limited to 12 participants to ensure you are getting the attention and treatment you require.