11/11 Full moon Sacred Sound and Cosmic Cacao Ceremony

  • November 11th, 2019

  • 6.30 - 10.00pm

  • Star House Boulder

YES!! So excited to be holding Ceremony Monday 11/11 at the magical Star House on Full Moon.

If there is any sense of feeling stuck in a pattern that is holding you back from stepping into your full power and purpose - we will be utilizing this amazing modality, location, date and astrological event to laser focus on revealing hidden self sabotaging programs and beliefs in order to release them and move forward into an even clearer, aligned and more loving version of ourselves.

Brie and Bjorn are holding space for your radical self expression in alignment with your truest GIFT in connection with and serving the Collective..

We are gathering here at the most magical Star House - to slow down together - in order to make ourselves available for the streaming in of insights and guidance as we are vibrationally clearing out the vessel of our bodies.

We are allowing the ease, the peace, the effortless flow to enter and nourish us, making room for harvesting an all new and upleveled version of ourselves, connecting with purpose and joy.

While Bjorn is taking you on a profound sound journey through your inner landscapes, Bridget uses her voice and intuitive healing touch in order to release stuck patterns and believes.

The cacao serves as a heart opening agent so we can receive profound guidance and reconnect with our inner wisdom.

People typically come out of this event experiencing profound connection, clarity, direction and peace.


“Holy crap!!! That ceremony was insane. The energetic work I felt it do on my body was magical and transformational. I am in deep gratitude to you (Bridget) and Bjorn.”


Let yourself be bathed in Sound while the sacred cacao is showing you the path to heart expansion, guiding you right Here. Right NOW.

This is the yummiest community building, transforming and peace bringing event ever.

Re-lease. Re-connect. Re-design. Re-invent YOURSELF!

Set yourself FREE!

Shine Alive

  • 4 day breathwork, sound and water Retreat

  • July 11th - 14th, 2019

  • at the luxurious Sun Mountain Center, Manitou Springs, CO

Brie and Bjorn and Inner Light Revival have been working on this masterpiece of YUMMIEness for quite some time now.
Finally: Here it is!!

We are ready to release the invitation to SHINE ALIVE into the world - trusting that the high love vibration we hold will attract the 13 beautiful beings who are in perfect alignment with our offer. 

We are opening this amazing gate for YOU to step through it!
READY to have you with us for 4 DAYS of inner Adventure into Expansion!

If living a joyful and meaningful life deeply connected with your loved ones speaks to you... that's exactly the space the four of us are holding - space to breathe, fun modalities  and easy activation of your FULL potential. (...and of course yummy cacao ceremonies!)

If you know this is what you've been waiting for please do yourself the favor and sign up ASAP. This is not going to last long.

If you have questions - don't hesitate to contact us!

So excited for this!

Much love to y'all!