“I had the lovely Bridget and Bjorn join my sales team at an offsite in Breckenridge this fall. The goals for the weekend were to gain community, support and direction for the team as the new sales season began. The Soundscape Journey and Cacao Ceremony allowed for a surprisingly fast and authentic connection between all of us as peers and colleagues. It was such a refreshing change from the classic workshops for professional team bonding. We were able to relax, re-center and re-focus on our mission as a team. We left the weekend feeling all the more connected and ready to crush our goals! The fun truth is since the workshop, our team has climbed to be number one in the company. We are almost 100% up over last year! The power of a close knit, trusting and open team is what we gained from Bridget and Bjorn's beautiful work. I HIGHLY recommend them for your next professional offsite.”

-Megan, EducationFirst


After a 3 hour UnCoaching session:

“Words can't express how grateful and appreciative I am for you both. My experience Saturday morning was more insightful, opening and balancing than I thought it could ever be.”

- Jill

"Bridget and Bjorn both have such powerful gifts spreading light and love into the hearts of so many.

They have the ability to step back while the divine light and source works through them.

Individually, they are examples of a divine balance between masculine and feminine energies on earth."

-Kali, USA

“I wanted to let you know Brie, that on my drive home from our session I decided to drop my classes as they were a 'should'. Your words affirmed what I already knew subconsciously but couldn’t access - how unnecessary school is for me at this moment. I have never been so happy and feel a weight lift off of my shoulders with that decision. Thank you again,”


“Bjorn, you communicate in so many different ways, and you do it so deeply that for me, you truly teach and lead by example.”


“Brie - you and Bjorn are CLEARLY amazing at creating and holding sacred space!”


“Just wanted to thank you both again for yesterday!! I still feel so much sparkly gold excitement moving around inside of me today. :)”



Bridget Lamers and Bjorn Leonards provide a very potent container for an incredible experience. Combine their mad skills with sound and energy, together with cacao and StarHouse ... crazy good! 


“Thank you for a powerful, grace-filled evening  last night Bridget and Bjorn. Never in a sound journey have I felt so fully consumed and cocooned by the vibrations - it truly did feel cosmic. The love, care, and intention you both infuse is so palpable. I’m so happy I was finally able to experience your magic in this way. Much love and gratitude!! ❤️❤️❤️”



“I was at your full moon sound and cacao ceremony last night at The Attic. I felt the need to reach out to you, and to Bjorn, to tell you how grateful I am for having crossed paths. The energy upon entering the room was immediately soothing, welcoming, and refreshing. The ceremony was nothing short of magical and one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve had in my lifetime. I wish I would have spoken up during the circle, but I’m not sure at the point that I could have gathered my feelings into words. I moved out here from Florida in mid May of this year. I don’t know anyone out here and was starting to feel completely out of place. The pure acceptance from everyone last night was immensely appreciated. It goes further than just being in a new place. Most of my life I haven’t felt accepted as my true self. I’ve formed my outward appearance based on societal norms and expectations but have never conformed internally. I don’t want to. You, Bjorn, the ceremony and the people all showed me that I can be accepted for who I am not matter what. I have pretty bad anxiety and am always afraid of being judged. I’m still on a spiritual high this evening from the pure lack of judgement last night. It was beautiful. You two are beautiful people with divine gifts and I couldn’t go without thanking you again. I hope we meet again soon! Blessings, love, and eternal gratitude!”


“The ceremony was magical and I so enjoyed the experience with such wonderful people.  Loved every minute of heart is still singing from being held in that way...💞”


“My husband and I will be at the cacao ceremony on Friday, which we always come away with feeling even more connected with ourselves and each other.”