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“As relationship coaches Brie and Bjorn will blow your mind and heart wide open. I went through one of the most transitory years, months, and days of my life this year. . . filled with so much confusion.
I cannot tell you how many times these two coached, centered, and called me out in the most loving way possible.
Their wisdom is beyond measure, and their GIFTS everyone should experience. If you are looking for LEADING EDGE mentors - people who really are authentic, alive, and awake. . . if your relationship could use some deep connection and “alignment” then what are you waiting for?
. . . please contact these two beautiful SOULS.
I literally have tears in my eyes typing this, because these two have not only changed my life -they have supported me to UPLEVEL and REALLY live mine. Thank you BOTH.
Deep BOW”
— Cielo

Check out Brie's amazing FB live about New Paradigm Relationships. NO MORE BULLSHIT GAMES!

New paradigm relationships... marriage and a love "affair". Monogamy and presence.... or is it open? Transparency and Vulnerability- here we go. HERE IS THE LINK TO A FREE RELATIONSHIP TRAINING!...




Please, don't make me read all the other stuff first. I already KNOW! All I want to do is...

...or... through endless descriptions (though admittedly inspiring!), proving to your mind that, YES.. you are doing the RIGHT thing by signing up. Totally fine. Mind always enjoys THINKING it's in charge. Enjoy!

Here is the deal, lovely friends:

We all carry a SEED within us, - call it our code, our mission or the unique amazing gift we are bringing into this world.

Well, at least we could bring it into this world. If we were aware of it. If we knew what it was. But most of us just DON'T f*cking KNOW! And while it is totally okay to not bring our amazing gift into this world and help transform it into the wonderful and magical place we dream it to be, it DOES feel AMAZING when we do.

Bridget and Bjorn have developed a laser sharp radar vision for people's potential and their mission. It is their highest EXCITEMENT to take you by the hand and guide you to find out what it is you desire to bring to this world. They do whatever it takes to get you to the place where you truly UNDERSTAND and are capable of discovering, identifying and implementing your awesomeness, your THING, that makes you so SPECIAL!

It's the seed, your very own contribution that you can choose to make the change you so long to see. How to find out what it is, what it needs to flourish, how to cultivate it, consciously without shortcutting or halfassing it, is Bridget and Bjorn's Gift to this world.

So in their 8 Week Masterclass, they will help everyone get into SOUL ALIGNMENT. Which is in two words what we described above. They teach you that - not only so that you can hit the ground running and feel all fulfilled and excited about life and love, while making a major positive impact, being extremely successful at it - but also so you can experience your custom tailored soul aligned relationship! Finally connect with the one who has been waiting for you since the day you were born, to step up into your full power, showing your true self. (and this might very well be the person you are with at this very moment - it's just like you two have been blindfolded...)

It is TIME, people. Now! No more excuses. We are here for you to lead you over the bridge of fear into your higher PURPOSE, your cosmic path, your full on AWESOME and MAGICAL LIFE!

Here are a few outcomes for y'all:

You'll walk away from this life changing course, knowing how to be...

  • Fully present with yourself and each other,

  • Aware of and anchored in your purpose and unique gift to this amazing world,

  • Equipped with ALL the tools necessary to cultivate and grow your Divine Union beyond old paradigm restricting patterns and beliefs.

  • Alchemizing triggers into gold

  • Seeing, holding and supporting each other in your differences and your mutual divine paths of growth and expansion

  • Deeply rooted in and operating from your hearts' guidance and infinite wisdom

How is it going to look like (yeah, why not? Good question...)? Bridget and Bjorn will take you on this 8 week journey with elements of this:

  •  Make Space - declutter stories, beliefs and patterns that are holding you back/are not serving you/are not originating from your heart centre. - If we keep holding on to this stuff, we actually perpetuate the drama

  • Dial in your Drama - take inventory, get clear. What is left? Check in with ‘emptiness’.  It’s like a cathedral. You actually get to SEE stuff. The sound changed. Feel in. What do i really want? What do I want to fill it with? Distinguish between soul aligned and copy cat/auto pilot, living somebody else’s life/dream

  • Learning Authentic Relating Tools (to cut through the bullshit)-how to be genuinely interested/curious, how to get naked/vulnerable/deep fast - how to know when it is safe and when it’s a nono. But also tools to drop in with presence. Tools to go deep, tools to navigate the territory of conversation, boundaries and where they melt, tools to center, to focus and brush away the unnecessary ballast that’s weighing you down. these skills can be used from day 1 and still work like magic 20  30 years down the road.

  • Mindset - now that you know all these shifts, it’s up to you to ACT. Trust the Magic. Nobody is going to implement these shifts for you. consciously choose and commit to sacredness- what is sacredness? sacred is life’s own way to express itself without disguise. That’s why it is so awesome and full of guidance, revelations and magic. So, get out of the way mostly and really consciously check in with your soul before getting involved in putting agendas on to shit. This commitment is not a one time thing. Since life is always in motion

  • Trust the Unknown - do shit , not because of a desired outcome, but because it feels right at the moment, because you see and follow the synchronicities - this is not stumbling in the dark/auto pilot - but follow intuition - allow things to happen/move/unfold

  • Freedom
    - and this goes deep:
    you don’t want to be dependent/caged!
    Who put you there?
    Take your wisdom/discoveries and explore in safety
    Learn how to write your own god damn permission slip - give yourself the green light! You ARE ENOUGH!...and so is everybody else.

  • Sexual Magic - learn amazing tools to deepen intimate connection and enter Sacred Space with your loved one, accessing other dimensions and invaluable insights and guidance...


Goes without saying that this is only the beginning, that of course, Bridget and Bjorn will take you even BEYOND - beyond all limits - from old paradigm - based in separation - into New Paradigm, which is all about heart centered connection and creating win/win situations.

We'll help you brake through your limiting beliefs that relationships are about or even require sacrifice at all. How in fact Compromise and sacrifice are the END of all relationship!

AAHHH, this is just too exciting. Can't WAIT!

So, starting on March 13th, for 8 packed weeks, we'll have one 'live' Awesome Content Call per week, one q/a Call per week and we'll put you in a private, extremely powerful fb group with like minded souls, so you can take it even a few notches DEEPER! And no worries if you can't make it for the live call... we will record all the calls. You watch them at your leisure, and you'll have lifetime access to ALL our amazing materials.

Anyway, if you are ready to sign up NOW for ONLY $999 (instead of $1,998), while we still have our -Special- going on, go right ahead and press...

If you want to talk to us first (whether you have more questions.. or even just to tell us that you love us), you might as well just schedule a FREE call with us...


Watch out!! We are gonna GETCHA...! <3

Bridget And Bjorn are living a Soul Aligned Relationship

"We help conscious people get real with themselves so that they can cut through the bull shit and have amazing relationships as a result."

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Deep & Joyful Connection

  • fully present with themselves and each other,

  • aware of and anchored in their purpose and unique gift to this amazing world,

  • equipped with ALL the tools necessary to cultivate and grow their Divine Union beyond old paradigm restricting patterns and beliefs.

  • turning triggers into gold

  • seeing, holding and supporting each other in their differences and their mutual divine paths of growth and expansion

  • deeply rooted in and operating from their hearts' guidance and infinite wisdom

To share what it takes to get here, on the fast track, and to guide conscious and committed people to find  and accelerate their Cosmic Union Relationship, is Bridget and Bjorn's highest excitement.

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Playfulness, ease and laughter. Sacred Celebration. Preparing and creating empty space:

A clean canvas, from which we can consciously start painting, dancing, expressing our limitless love for each other and this awesome life.