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Coming up

-August 2018-


- 6 Day All Inclusive -


High on Life


- Life Changing Retreat -

Aqua Luxury Eco Resort



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What is The High on Life School about?

The high on life school exists so that motivated and committed people who have tapped into/an understanding of their awakening potential receive support and clarity on their path through mentoring, tools and practices and teachings.

We work with people of all origins and ages. They have to have an understanding that awakening is possible and what it means. They have to be ready for change, to let go of old stories that are holding them back and willing to move towards what they are really here to bring into this world.

High on life means that we are free to experience life with highest purpose and excitement and awareness, unconditionally, without having to do/enhance anything through substances-alcohol, drugs, screens, foods, shopping etc.

High on Life - Everybody WINS...Always

High on Life - Everybody WINS...Always

High on life school is designed to lead you into a state of soul alignment in which you receive clarity and guidance from within about how to show up in this world, being radically yourself, living your calling without trying, thriving joyfully and effortlessly, being recognized and loved for who you are, receiving ALL the material support and experiencing physical and emotional wellbeing on ALL levels. You learn how to live YOUR life, without compromise and struggle. As a consequence/collaterally you will have the choice to be in a relationship that’s based on cosmic union codes with limitless potential, working the job you really WANT to be working, being paid as much as you desire, having maximum impact and being in amazing physical and mental shape


The High on Life School is about ecstatic Awakening to your soul aligned life, limitlessly expansive, with you as the conscious creator. It’s about finding out what you are really here on this amazing planet for, doing exactly what you want to, from a place of clarity and purpose, realizing that whenever you show up ALL the way authentically as yourself, following your heart, you are successful beyond imagination, while you don’t have to sacrifice integrity, or take advantage, control or win over anybody else.

Do what you love - your most precious contribution to a peaceful world

Do what you love - your most precious contribution to a peaceful world


Our team teaches you how to get fucking raw and real, get the maximum out of life, while contributing and giving your absolute best - not because you should - but because you can’t help yourself, because in soul alignment, you are so dead on, so on track that giving your gift and receiving your gift is the SAME thing! There is no difference. You win - everybody wins.

If you are here, looking at our site, you probably already KNOW that this is exactly what you need in order to up level your life and accelerate to the next level.

That this retreat is exactly what you have been praying for.

Are you still searching?

Isn't it about time you'd allow yourself to come home and actually start FINDING.

To start KNOWING.

You are exactly here, because the universe took you by the hand and dragged you here, because it just doesn't want to listen to your excuses anymore.

"Here", it says. "There we go. It's time."

Now it's up to you to take the next step and actually SHOW UP in your life.

Time to come home!

We'll be selecting from our pool of modalities as we are guided in the moment:

- Yoga

- Energy Movement

- Sound Healing

- Cacao ceremony

- Amazing sensual food

- Chocolate making workshop

- Fun meditation that actually works

- Ecstatic Dance

- Relationship. radically redesigned talk and workshop

- Guided heart expansion meditation

- Piano Flow Free Movement Expression

- Breath Work/Pranayama

- Presence Practices (eye/life gazing, blind eating, walking meditation, etc.)

- "Find your calling" workshop

- Akashic record reading

- Appreciation Ambush

- Magic Rhythm Workshop

- Etc.

This is an example of what a day could look like:

7.30am - Yoga/meditation

9am - breakfast

10.30am - Talk/Workshop

12.30 - Lunch

1.30pm - free time/relax

3pm - sound meditation

5pm -satsang

7pm - Dinner

8.30pm - Ecstatic Dance!


This is an invite only Event. To fill out your application please click...