This is for YOU, if you WANT TO...

-Feel fully seen, acknowledged and understood for who you truly are

-Celebrate Life with like minded beings

-Bring in and contribute your amazing and unique gifts, while being totally appreciated

-Learn mind-blowing new modalities of how to intimately connect authentically, understanding what it takes to have meaningful and inspiring win/win conversations and relationships

-Learn how you can Choose your Reality - moment by moment from a place of FREEDOM, SELF-LOVE and EMPOWERMENT

-Give the Gift of Love... and let yourself be SHOWERED with LOVE

-and, of courseeat amazing, high vibrational and inspiring FOOD

coming up:

The 4 Day Transformational




Deep Immersion EXPERIENCE

August 17th - 20th

5pm -1pm

in a luxurious AirBnb in Breckenridge, CO


Everything included. Once you get there, you are totally covered.


early Bird ticket - unbelievable



For a while now, we’ve been holding space for transformational awakening in retreat settings. 

And what it all boils down to are these 3 elemental shifts:


1. EAT.


-Stands for everything we eat/take in and HOW we take it in. And what intention we have while consuming.

Eating is a great gate opener, because we do it every day. A few times. And we have an idea that it is providing us with the nourishment we require to live.

- We offer an eating meditation in which we explore food as if we had no idea what it was. This can be achieved through blindfolding, touching and sniffing the food and radically slowing down the process of eating.

We shift our awareness to what is really happening. And through this experience we open up for deeper questioning of what is relevant to us and why, and how the intake is significantly determining our output/experience not only with foods.

 Our lives are a constant exchange of taking in and releasing on every level of our being.

To truly understand that, provides us with the ability to CHOOSE the story we want to experience in every moment. We experience a shift from feeling at random/victimhood to being in charge/creator.




-Stands for our ability to move away from our typical adult way of analyzing, manipulating and assuming our experience and drop into a childlike, curious, heart centered way of beingness.

From this place it is easy to be PRESENT, a state that as adults we have sacrificed and at least partially lost.

This presence is where the mysteries,  guidance and all our answers are revealing themselves, effortlessly and playfully.

Play is just about any modality that can bring us into presence.

This can also be things that nudge us out of our comfort zone. Remember the curiosity? How would it feel like to jump into the ice cold mountain stream? To stretch ourselves?

We like to play authentic relating/connection games, play yoga, sing/make music and dance ecstatically. We are engaging with our bodies and the elements, which always induces a feeling of aliveness and expansion.




-Stands for feeling fully connected and in peaceful flow.

Partly it’s the result of 1. and 2.

We usually support the journey towards it through

-Deep breath work,

-Sound meditations,

-Hugging workshops, maybe some

-Argentinian Tango and occasional

-Cuddle puddles.

In the state of love we inherently realize our full potential, our gift. It opens us up to the inner knowing of why we are here.


Eat, Play, Love is the container/vessel in which Awakening can take place. It can’t be too rigid, has to be somewhat flexible, like a stalk of grass, strong in its suppleness.

It’s the dance of holding intentional space (our human endeavor) and the natural unfolding of what happens when we let it (our divine connection to source).


The “Eat, Pray, Love” journey is for anyone who is not already 100% clear on their mission, feels blocked in certain areas of their lives (job, relationships, health etc.), and is longing for deeper meaning and connection.


Participants will most likely walk away with an elevated feeling of thriving in general, deep connection with the tribe of like hearted beings they went through the process with and a lot more clarity about their purpose in this life, held and guided from a place of self empowerment.