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"The transformation I experienced during the sound ceremony with Bjorn and Brie was profound.

I came with my heart heavy, and had been looking for an outlet to receive healing for some time. 

The purity of the intention and the container that Bjorn and Brie hold for the ceremony allowed divine healing to come to my body.

As the two played music, I experienced my energetic body being alleviated of tension it had been storing for years.

The process was quick, thorough, and compassionate.

After the ceremony, my body felt light and renewed.

A few days later, the effects are integrating more deeply and I am enjoying a visceral shift in my energy, feeling stronger and with less pain.

I completely stand by the work these two are doing. I look forward to working with them more and would recommend their cacao and sound healing to anyone. "

Raya, USA


Private Sound Sessions

Super healing.

A total reset, recalibration, reboot.

Bridget and Bjorn are creating safe space, tailoring sound and intuitive healing to your specific needs

An 'out of this world' transformative experience


Corporate and Business Sound Sessions


Using their in depth understanding about the technology of sound, Brie and Bjorn offer a range of sound session services that can support businesses and teams to: 


  • Set clear intentions for the week ahead
  • Integrate so called failures as learnings
  • Help teams have creative breakthroughs
  • Assist teams to collaborate more harmoniously
  • Help business leaders tap into their leadership genius
  • Support conflict resolution
  • Relax and de-stress


Types of packages: 

  • Setting intentions for the week (Monday Session)  
  • Acknowledge and adjust (Mid-week session)
  • Learnings and letting go (Friday Session) 
  • Standard Sound Session
  • Creative Breakthrough Session
  • Management Session  
  • Conflict Resolution Session



The Sound Session are completely non-threatening and offer a safe platform for everyone to relax and access their own inner talents in a meditative way that is easily accessible and enjoyable. When each person has safe and calm place to tap into their own unique experience, they can bring that back to the group and participate throughout the day and week in more connected and productive ways. 


The Sessions can go anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours and be completely tailored to suit your business and team needs. Additional supportive resources for increased sensory experiences can be incorporated such as: 



  • Energetic healing
  • Essential oils
  • Tea ceremonies
  • Cacao ceremonies


Sound Session for Business Breakthroughs

Sound Session for Cashflow

Host Sound and cacao at your event

Host or integrate Sound and Cacao healing at your private event!

Great for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries.

Also a great add-on and upgrade to your future retreat you are organizing

Sound an Cacao Tribe

Just about every Sunday at 4pm Bridget and Bjorn are holding ceremony at the Presence Portal in Lyons, CO

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